Safety Instructions and Warning Messages for Technical Documentation

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There is currently no lacking of more or less applicable standards and directives which deal with safety instructions, warning messages, and other related subjects. This is what makes the work of every “information provider” and “documentation producer” so challenging when trying to create instructions and messages that comply with all these standards and are informative and useful at the same time. The abundance of interrelated rules and guidelines does not necessarily make that task any easier.

Moreover, to get a detailed view of the topic and to make the right decisions for your documentation you would need to work through more than 500 pages (and spend a considerable sum on the documents!).

The authors of Safety Instructions and Warning Messages for Technical Documentation have done all this for you. The result is a book that contains the information you need to deal with this subject in your documentation.

No more time for interpretation of standards and searching for symbols and layouts required.

This book contains detailed information on how to write such instructions and messages, as well as ready-to-use symbols for high-resolution printing and web use. Moreover, samples of the practical implementation in the leading word processing software and DTP applications are provided.

This book includes a CD containing a collection of frequently used warning symbols and signal word panels according to international standards. In the appendix of the book you will find detailed information about the contents and usage of the collection.

ISBN: 978-91-976659-9-5

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